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Instead of answering, a cold finger touched my forehead. The scratch on my forehead, which I didnt even know existed, was healed in the light emanating from his fingertip.

Thank heavens. There doesnt seem to be any serious injuries.

Uh, well yes.

They say you can go home as soon as you file a damage report. You must be very tired even if you dont have a trauma. Take a good rest when you get back.

What is this weird feeling..

I was nervous because I was afraid that he might get angry because I hid my awakening, but Kwon Jiwoon said nothing.


Is the confession of my lifetime completely ignored? Did he pretend that he didnt hear it?

Umh yeah, I guess he didnt hear it because it was noisy around us. I said it again clearly.

Kwon Jiwoon, Im awakened now?


This time, he looked a little shocked.

Oh, is it because of that?

Thats, umh, I mean, I didnt mean to hide it, but somehow Ah, and Ill never say that I want to join your guild, so dont worry.

Its strange. I said it with the intention not to make him worry, but Kwon Jiwoons expression darkened even more.

It seems that Im not reliable enough for you.

The following words sounded sad.

Kwon Jiwoon grabbed my hand. All the visible wounds had all disappeared in the white light. The hand that gripped mine was trembling.

If something happened, you should have called me.

I cant connect my phone inside the dungeon..

Unbeknownst to me, the words of an excuse group came out.

I wont ask you why you came to such a suspicious place, but at least you should have told me. I was suddenly informed that you got caught in a rift, and do you know how much I.

I flinched unconsciously at the deep fear. His reaction felt strange.

I was in confusion because it was the first time I saw him acting like this, it was the time when I tried to choose an answer.

What are you doing there Eh.

Choi Cedric came out of the escape gate. As he was talking to me, he saw Kwon Jiwoon in front of me and was startled.

It cant be Hunter Kwon Jiwoon..?

Hunter Choi Cedric. Its been a long time.

Kwon Jiwoon reached out his hand first and asked for a handshake. However, from the side view, the atmosphere was not very friendly.

This is the first time we met since you said that youd buy my guild with money if I didnt accept the offer to join the affiliate of your company.

Choi Cedric, have you ever done anything like that.

Indeed, it is known as a bad guild among The Big Three.

That due to the circumstances, at the request of the CEO-nim, I cant help it.

Choi Cedric, who muttered something in embarrassment, held his breath. He belatedly changed his words as if he had recalled his external concept.

Huu, hmm! You will regret not accepting the offer then!

Clench. The handshake ended in a bloody atmosphere.


It was a hell of a bad performance. With anxious gaze, his tone was stiff as if he were reading a book. Its such a bad acting, but he succeeded in pretending to be an arrogant ranker, is everyone blind?

I have work to do, so Ill go back first. See you next time.

There was no time to stop him. I wasnt sure if he didnt want to talk to Choi Cedric anymore or if hes avoiding me. Kwon Jiwoon turned around as it was.

By the way, C&L Corporation was trying to eat Kwon Jiwoons guild?

Its strange.

The White Silver Guild is a small guild centered on the top ranker Healer, Kwon Jiwoon.

Naturally, no matter how top-ranked he is, a Healer cannot go around the dungeon alone. Theres also the fact that the guild leader disappeared, so the scope of activities of The White Silver Guild was narrow compared to its popularity and recognition.

This means that there is no reason for a large guild like C&L to be greedy about it.

Furthermore, according to my memory before the regression, C&L Corporation took the Healers professional guild, Garden of Blessing, as a subsidiary. Its an extraordinary merger declaration of the Guild, which once had conflicts with Choi Cedric and even declared a boycott.

Maybe there was too much money to refuse.

In short, its not that they want to merge because they dont have enough healers.


Something must have happened with Kwon Jiwoons guild.

Still, right now, nothing was known. I wanted to ask Choi Cedric for more details, but he made an unexpected sound, showed off his full-fledged acting skills.

Dont tell me that, that.

You mean Kwon Jiwoon?

Yeah! Whats your relationship with that Healer?!

Huh? Hes my cousin.

Choi Cedric had a genuinely bewildered expression on his face. He covered his hand over his face and murmured to himself.

Of all things, it was Kwon Jiwoons family. Then, my image is completely messed up.

Whats wrong with him?

After muttering to himself for a while, he raised his head.

Still, I wont give up.

No, what?

Be prepared!

For what?


A hospital room with cool shade.

Choi Cedric sent out all the healers who were guarding Rona.

Also, the Healers, who were afraid of receiving his anger like the last time, left the hospital room as if they were running away.

Today, his sister was suffering from nightmares. Her cheeks are hot with tears.


Opening the inventory right away, Choi Cedric stopped.

He was afraid.

The Blue Celaeno Flower was his only hope to cure Ronas disease, which had no improvement by all means. How long has he been searching for a way to make the flower blooms after he accidentally obtained the seeds?

After a lot of hard work, the flower finally came to life.

However, what if this also fails? The despair when the single hope you believed in was crushed. Choi Cedric was not confident that he could endure it.

Still, he didnt hesitate for long. He opened his inventory and set the potted flower down by the bedside.

Blue starlight emanated from the petals. A dazzling light drifted through the shady space and filled the entire hospital room.

The groan slowly subsided and the breath became comfortable.

It was not long before Rona slowly opened her eyes.


Her face was pale and her dry hands trembled, but the girl looked straight at him. Its been years since the last time he saw her awake like this.


Are you conscious? Uh, thats right, its me. Your brother is here.

She reached out her hand. Choi Cedric took Ronas hand. He felt sorry for her skinny little hand.

Rona leaned on Choi Cedrics hand and got up. Her body, which had been lying in bed for a long time, was too heavy for even the smallest movement, and her arms trembled. Still, there is no time. Rona licked her dry lips.

Rona-ya, lie down first. Heres the water. Drink some water.

Oppa, that man, be careful.

The latter words were mingled with rough breath and could not be heard properly.

It was the limit. Slowly, Rona fell asleep again. He called her name a few more times, but the heavy eyelids didnt move.

However, the sleep was comfortable. There was no pain as before, and the tight breathing and softly closed eyes seemed to be dreaming of a daydream.

Now, hes so happy that this alone brought tears to his eyes.

Choi Cedric ruffled Ronas hair slowly. Hell make sure that his sister will get better. Until then, just have a good dream.

When he was thinking like that, the door of the hospital room burst open. It was Aeon, the secretary of the CEO.

? Whats going on?

Choi Cedric inadvertently hid Rona from the secretarys gaze. Aeon has shown his face in this hospital room several times. But why? That faint smile made him feel uncomfortable.

How about Miss Rona? Has she gotten any better?

Aeon spoke in a worried tone. At those words, Choi Cedric forgot his vigilance and his heart softened a bit.

He must have been mistaken. Hes a little reluctant, but this person has dedicated himself to the guild. What is he even thinking?

Uhuh, thanks to this flower, she feels much better.

CEO Lee Sein-nim said she had something to say to you.

Really? Tell her Ill be there later.

I think its urgent.

.Okay, I got it.

Choi Cedric rose from the bedside with regret.

Rona is sleeping comfortably. In the meantime, hell be back for a little bit.

Rona-ya, Oppa will be right back.

After stroking his sleeping sisters hair once, Choi Cedric left the hospital room.

After the sound of footsteps completely disappeared over the door..


Suddenly, there was no smile left on Aeons face. In the horrifying silence, he erased all his facial expressions and and his non-human gaze turned to the girl on the bed.

Then, he reached out towards the starlight flower. Without hesitation, Ion tried to crush the Blue Celaeno Flower with his hand.


The intangible barrier deflected Aeons hand. Sparks burst, followed by black smoke.


His palm was burnt black even though he only touched the barrierfor a short time. Aeon clicked his tongue and hid the darkly hand.

Well, thats enough. It doesnt make any difference even if you have this flower now. Wouldnt it be just a comfort for the mind?

You wont be able to do anything anyway.

Leaving those words behind, Aeon turned his body.

The door closed. The girl is asleep.


Uh CEO-nim? What did you just say?

Why? You can do it.

The top floor of C&L Corporation. Rather than a Hunter Guild, it was a room decorated like a representative office of a large company.

Choi Cedric looked at the CEO, Lee Sein, who was sitting across from him.

Hair combed to one side, a luxurious suit, and a relaxed smile like a successful person.

He has known her for a long time, but maybe because its been a while since he has seen her, he felt particularly unfamiliar with this Lee Sein. Besides, what she just said.

Didnt you decide not to touch The White Silver Guild?

Yeah, I did.

Smile. Lee Sein smiled. It was the same smile that he practiced several times in front of the mirror years ago while saying that he couldnt be underestimated by other Hunters.

Its just that the plan has changed.

But if thats the case.

Dont worry. Nothing dangerous will happen. Youre just like my little brother, do you think I would let you do something dangerous?


Yes, Cedric?

The gentle, soothing tone reminded him of the old days.

They are not real siblings. However, from the time the guild was named by adding C for Choi Cedric and L for Lee Sein, they became as close as family. In the old days with Rona, the three of them lived together in a building that was so small that it could not be compared to now. The scent of the distant past stimulated his longing.

All right, Noona.

Choi Cedric swallowed the discomfort.

Yes, there is no way Lee Sein would give wrong directions. This uncomfortable feeling must be just an illusion.UppTodatd frm n/v/e/lb(i)n.c(o)/m

The goal is the same as then: Making C&L the best guild. For the sake of this goal, he followed all instructions, even if it was incomprehensible. Nothing has changed.


Did you know that you didnt even ask me a word about Rona, Noona?


Translators Corner:

Since being here means that youve read korean novels, I would just assume that you already knew the basic words like oppa, noona, etc. If you dont know about it, feel free to ask~

Oh, which one do you think look better between Noona and Nuna? If Im not mistaken, both is correct and acceptable.

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